Thursday, 13 November 2014

Planning Granted

Velo got some great news yesterday with us being given full permission for our bespoke Alpine cycle shed, and more importantly to continue the combined trading of Velo and CTL at Emerald Way. This follows some difficulties we faced last year due to Velo becomg so successful and the planning permitted on the estate.
Fortunately  Staffordshire County Council and Stafford Borough council have a proactive approach to cycling and sustainable transport. After the business model of CTL and Velo was presented to them by Peter Weatherhead of Weatherhead Planning and the diligent work undertaken by the highly professional John Turner, the planners were able to see just what a valuable asset the two companies are in moving cycling forward, not just in Stoke and Staffordshire but the work we do in Cheshire East and Stockport. Ctl and Velo train over 30,000 people a year on safe cycling and we are part of the reason the areas we work have one of the lowest cycling Ksi rates in the uk despite a dramatic growth in cycling in our areas. And we're not just a posh bike shop. This year Tom 2x Simons and Nick will have ran over 100 Dr bikes offering free bike serving to some of the communities that need it the most. 

So thanks to all wether you've helped with the application, your one of 40+ excellent CTL instructors, one of the top police team that helped so much with the burglary outside and beyond their job, or if your one of our Brilliant Velo customers or club member, thank you and see you soon on the Velo TNR or the Sat club run or just grabbing a coffee in store in our new borrow a book library.

Peter & Sarah

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