Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ethan Cycles To School (video from LSTF partner Sustrans.

Free Adult commuter Cycle Training

Cycle Stoke, through its Cycle Smart programme are able to offer free one to one cycle training including route planning and accompanied instructor rides to your place of work.

The offer is open to anyone working at one of five employment centres in and around the City of Stoke on Trent and is being made available to all employers and employees working in the Sustainable travel zones and can include cycle and helmet loan.

The cycle commuter  training is provided through Sustrans and Cyclist Training Ltd who will be working with Stoke City council Stoke's business community and city residents over the next 15 months making cycle transport more available. including bike loans, cycle maintenance sessions open training and advice sessions as well as tailored business solutions.

The Sustainable travel zones

Chatterley Valley,
Eturia Valley
Trentham Lakes
Keele Science and Business Parks
North Staffs Hospital

Business's of any size wishing to part in the project can now register an interest to see if they fall into to one of the eligible zones.

Anyone wishing to take part in the initial phase of training should e-mail

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Were back on Singletrack ;-) and you need a note from your mum to miss tonights ride.

SingleTrack are running The Velo Store as part of their Tuesday Treat. Theres some great prize's on offer too.

Dave Johnson wants some sort of copy right payment for the Williams sisters gag, Erm just speak to Tom or Simon and they will sort you straight out Dave.

And whilst were on the Tuesday theme Im wandering how many excuses were gonna for not being able to make our first minus temp night ride of this season especially with England Germany on. Im riding and so is Simon, we've had tow feeble and one kind of reasonable excuse. Anyone else got a note from their mum ??

More Children riding, More Safely and More often in Staffordshire.

Since April this year 5024 children have taken part in Cyclist Training's  National Standard Bikeability Level 2 Training in Staffordshire. Of these 462 children rode to school before. During our two day training course 2157 children rode to school and 2276 children said they would probably ride to school at some point over the school term. An increase of some 367 %. Not bad really this means:

  1. A less congested school run during morning rush hour, and in the afternoon. 
  2. A reduction in Staffordshire carbon footprint
  3. Improved health through exercise for children
  4. A reduction in nuisance riding (riding on pavements)
  5. Children taking part in bikeability are far less likely to be involved in Walking and cycling road traffic accidents than those that don't take part. 

If your school is based in Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, or East Cheshire then check with your child's school to see if they have booked in Bikeability for year five and six. If you live in Staffordshire East Cheshire or Stoke on Trent  & want your child to receive either level 2 (11+,  or level 3 training  13 years   +), during the school holidays then give us a call and we will book you onto one of shared  lessons.   

Phone Cyclist Training on 01785 818193.

Friday, 15 November 2013

courier ride

I needed to drop presents off on tonights ride home, but it was well worth it.great night time views of staffordshire country side,

it was home, quick shower and then out to the old Bramshall Inn

Thursday, 14 November 2013

SIx Cyclists die on Britains roads in the last nine days

Its not nice to have to post this but what awful news. Please take care on your way around & make sure you are being seen (light up, high vis) and ride were everyone can see you. It might just make the difference for us.

I only hope that it gets the government both local and nationally to continue to make improvements for cyclists.

The Times Six Die in Nine Days

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ive just lost a kilo and my fingers are cold !

Great sunrise on my first ride in since before half term and on the new wheels from Tom at Velo  and Marathon plus tyres.

The wheels are so much better than what came with Genesis Day 1 (Alfine 8 speed) and saved a full kilo in weight this matched with better rolling of the marathons defiantly made this mornings ride in better.

It felt warm as I set off and I decided I couldn't be bothered going back in the house for gloves, last time I do that this winter (I hope I can find some round the office before going home).

I was passed by Nick in the CTL van going in the opposite direction  off to do some instructor appraisals and then Graham this time going the same way I almost beat him in, passing him at the rail way crossing and receiving some abuse from his rolled down window but the traffic lights helped him and he got in just before me.

So the bikes locked up outside on our make shift bike rack ready for tonights journey back. Ive got a meeting tray with Tom from Sandon Sawmill who coming down to show me the drawings for the new shelter and seating area outside the store.

Friday, 8 November 2013

how do we get here ...

Ive followed the copenhagenzine bike blog and scene for a number of years and at the same time I've watched cycling initiatives come and go both across the UK and locally. And whilst we can claim some success (cycling has certainly increased) there is a very long way to go.

This is a video showing Copenhagens unique bicycle culture as it looks in the beginning of the early 21st century.
A monumental motion of everyday people transporting themselves from A to B by pure pedal power.
-Each day 37% of everybody in Copenhagen arrives at work or education by bicycle.
-25% of all families with two kids in the city own a cargo bike.
-And the 519,000 inner city copenhageners own 560,000 bicycles!

The one thing that seems to make success easier to get to is a political will with in local authorities or councils. And I don't just mean a few in a department tasked to do it. but right the top lord mayor, head of councils and others actually living and making cycling in their area easier, safer and more accessible for all. Forcing cycling to the top of the agenda in planning development health leisure and education.

How do we get there ?

Well I suppose by me and you taking us their, role model and political pressure.

Maybe it's time we started to ask some questions of Local authorities and land owners like St. Modwens, who this year whilst supporting cycling in many ways still have staff that frown on any group turning up at Trentham Gardens and have no cycle provision's for moving between the Monkey Forest and the retail park.

And where are cyclist meant to go at the end of the cycle path along the A34 Stone to to Stafford ? Do the really want us to ride against traffic or filter into the dual carriage way or was that the cheapest solution.

Do the crash barriers along the one way network in stone encourage a race track mentality amongst drivers, surely they should be removed and a shared space mentality adopted with a 20MPH enforced speed zone.

maybe we need an local action group made up of people who want to see the change and are ready to ask the questions and influence the future.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Something for the Weekend Sir ? and Finally ......

So as the weekend draws nearer the store starts to gear up getting new bikes built up and ready for display. For those brave enough to rock up back home with a new bike after just nipping out for nothing important really why not one of the Trail bikes of the Year the Whyte T129 s. This one being built up by Tom is  the T129 works.

The forecast for the Saturday Breakfast club ride is looking pretty good also, so if you fancy a 30 mile jaunt out on Staffordshires lanes then why not join us at The Velo Store at 9.00. Don't forget though you will need to have mudguards fitted. Im not riding this weekend as I am off to watch Jimmy Car in Birmingham so its drop kids and dogs off at parents and Kennels and then check in at the bar before a night out in Brum.

That will mean a week of commuting for me as I try and catch up on my miles for the year and  pick up  on the fittness levels.

Toms just built me a new wheel for the Day one.  Its still on the Alfine hub but with some much lighter rims and Im fitting some  Marathon's ready for winter miles and long days in the saddle, so Ive no excuses now.

And Finally .......
finally note keep your fingers crossed for CTL tonight who are up for an award for our scooterbility scheme for Sustainable Travel.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Post Christmas, New year learn to ride camps

The dates and venues for the New Year "Learn to Ride" camps have been set. So for those looking to move from stabilisers to two wheels book now !!  This is by far our most popular learn to ride course.

For children looking to build their skills prior to riding on the road book level 1 bikeability and  for those starting to venture on the road book the level 2 taster.

Sessions Times and Venue
Stoke On Trent          Northwood Stadium           Thursday 2nd January
9am -12noon             Learn to Ride
10am - 12noon          Bikeability level 1 (7 - 9 years)
12.45pm - 4pm          Bikeability level 2 (10 - 16 years)

To book your place on our Stoke course call
01785 818193

Crewe                       Victoria Community Centre Friday 3rd January
9am -10am                New Christmas bikes assembly checks ( get your new bike checked by
                                  one of our Mechanics)
10 -12                        Learn to ride
12.45 2.45                 Bikeability Level 1 ( 7 - 9 years)

To Book your place on Our Crewe course call
01625 295220

Wellies, journalist's, an lobby ?

All three were out last night on our Velo Store Tuesday night ride,
for the first time we had a rider out in wellies, Pete (not me) had just finished walking the dog and thought it might be a good idea to keep the wellies on as it was a tad damp. It was truly a site to behold as he rode away from me on Beech caves, in the group standing up on the pedals. Im not sure if it will catch on though.

Better equipped to tell us would be Dave Smith of presently of, Ive wasted a whole morning watching it and laughing, absolutely brilliant.

Those slimmer ones amongst us and Dave Johnson finished the ride in the Star with beer and  ......

 See you Tuesday !!

Velo and CTL teams up with Sustrans to win Business contract

Following a multi stage three month Tender process, CTL and Velo (from Stone in Staffordshire) have been selected as the winners of £100,000 pound LSTF contract to improve Cycling for business and workers in the city of Stoke on Trent.

As part of the tender CTL and Velo partnered up with Sustrans (a national cycling and Sustainable travel Charity) to beat off competition from across the country. Sustrans has a proven track record not only in capital engineering project's such as the national cycle network but also in business engagement.

Full details of the tender and how companies / workers can be involved will be released soon, but we are interested in hearing from any business situated in Stoke on Trent that would like to increase cycling to work.

Below is an extract from the Sustrans website giving reasons as to why employers should encourage their staff to cycle.

1. More productive staff:

Employees who cycle to work are fitter, healthier and happier and as a result are less likely to take sick days.
  • our survey of people who cycle on the National Cycle Network found they take nearly half as many sick days as the average UK worker
  • Absenteeism is costing UK businesses £32 billion each year. [1]

2. More space:

Fewer cars travelling into a workplace means reduced costs for car parking spaces and more room for visitors or freight vehicles
  • Transport for London has estimated that removing one car parking space could save up to £2,000 per year in high-density urban areas.[2]

3. Reduced costs:

Having a cycle friendly workplace can reduce the costs associated with business travel. By providing pool bikes, or allowing employees to use their own bikes to travel to meetings, businesses can make substantial savings.
  • Employers involved in the Bikes for Business scheme estimated the average savings to the organisation at £25-80 per month per bike.[3]

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hannah's First ride out on her new Road bike.

Took My eldest daughter out for the first time today on her new road bike. First time on drop bars and toe clips. Brilliant ride cant wait till next week when we go again.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hip Flasks and Coffee

Tuesday Night for many means one thing, Night Riding, and the same goes for the Mtb crew in the Velo Store.

Last night was special one for one particular customer, Bos (pictured below) who hours before had bought the Whyte G150. It was only the second one in any store in Great Britain and he was certainly the first member of the General Public to own one.

And so it was to the night ride which as always kept to the strict 6.00pm departure and left at about 10 past (mostly my fault). It was a tad damp as we picked up Jonathan Turner on the White Bridge were a quick grunt and nod of the head were exchanged before we proceeded to weave our way up-to Hanchurch woods. Mr Turner nearly took honours on Beech cave climb but was pipped by Skinny Si Williams. The slightly more Robust Dave Johnson and Me (MR J) were third and forth respectively. 

Loop's were completed with extra climbs thrown in and descents were had mostly completed using the slide and fall technique.

here's the Route

<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src=''></iframe>

It was then that hip flasks were extracted and chit chat started. Highland Park & Laphoriag were voted best  on show. Reluctantly flasks were put away and The Barlaston  motorway was eventually hit via some brambly detours and one sore lip. Legs span and battles were fought, Simon tried to push Jon in the canal,  and a few PBs were grabbed. 

Eventually it was back to the shop, bikes packed, files collected and then home. For me it was shower, pasta bake and Tea, for others there may have been a night cap.

And so it is that I am sat 20 minutes before my Rural Derbyshire schools meeting drinking very good coffee in Le Mistral in Wirksworth

Monday, 21 October 2013

It grim up North but are you more likely to keep your bike ?

The Velo store has its very own internet battle taking place on Amazon,

The last week have the  two top sellers on our amazon pages  telling a story ?

All of our chain checkers have been sold to customers in the Northern parts of Britain while nearly every one of Kryptonite Locks have been sold to customers in London.

So are the streets of London cleaner or is everyone on single speeds ? And is the whole of the northern part of Britain sleeping with their bikes ?

Whyte T129 S

So Ive been deliberating buying myself a new bike to thrash around the peak and round the Churnet.

Think I might of found it on our own website. T129s and as its in stock if Im nice to Simon I could be riding it round wales next week or our own spooky woods tomorrow.

What do reckon Si ?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CTL are giving away rear lights

Any one books on to and subsequently attends on either are level 2 or level 3 course at Dimensions in the October half term will get a free Electron Pico 4 rear light worth £9.99.

Level 2 - Monday 28th of October 10am - 12 noon   - Tuesday 29th 9.30am 12.30 pm

Level 3 - Tuesday 29th 1.30pm till 3.30 pm

Limited places available booking essential, to book your place-  phone 01785 818193

Monday, 14 October 2013

Borris bans Lorries for London. DO we think Stoke or Stafford will follow suit ?

Lorries – a frequent cause of serious and fatal injuries to commuter cyclists – could become scarcer in the London rush hour under plans to trial more early morning and night time deliveries.
Transport for London (TfL) will use the successful precedent of a similar scheme in force during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The new plans were published in a document, Delivering a Road Freight Legacy, released earlier this month. The document received a cautious welcome from the Freight Transport Association, who said: "the logistics industry is ready to respond to these new conditions". It added, however, that the haulage industry will face "significant challenges" adapting to the TfL's proposals.           
The arrival of the out-of-hours pilot scheme fills a major gap in a series of measures announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson six weeks ago. In early September he outlined a number of plans including a proposal that could see lorries not fitted with basic safety equipment hit with a fine up to £200 if they enter the city centre.
A group has been set up to establish how the out of hours scheme could operate in practice and examine whether legislation and vehicles will need to be modified to ensure its successful implementation.  
The out-of-hours trials will begin early in 2014 and further details of how the programme will work will be announced later this year.

Polaris Deals added to amazon

Spent a few hours yesterday adding some polaris gloves  and bags to amazon so we can make room for new stock arrivals over the coming weeks. first in are the new range of Lezyne lights and then hopefuuly it's  the North wave winter boots range and clothes.

police issue warning ref strava type aps

Published: 10 October 2013
Report: Greater Manchester Police

Cyclists are being asked by police to take care when using GPS mapping mobile apps. Offenders have been using mobile apps such as Strava, Endomondo and Map My Ride which track the movements of cyclists from their home.
Apps like Strava have the option of setting up privacy zones which allow you to hide your home location from prospective bike thieves.
The apps enable cyclists to track their ride and compete against other cyclists but can also be used by offenders to work out where high value bikes are being stored.
However, by making a few amends to the settings, cyclists can protect themselves and their bikes.
Sergeant Chris Evans from Stockport West Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We appreciate the benefits that these types of apps have but would urge to amend the privacy settings before setting off for their journey to protect themselves from becoming a victim of crime.
“Riders can amend the settings of these apps to ensure that their starting and finishing locations can't be seen by other people.
"Additionally, cyclists can avoid theft by reviewing the security of their sheds or garages and ensuring they use a D-lock to secure their bike to something immovable such as ladders."

We've got some  great deals on locks from Kyptonite.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Its Friday and there's...............

No Tom and Simon in Store which means Im in Charge of my store for change. Wander what I can get up to.

New tyre time for starters.

Last of the Summer Rides

Last of the Summer Rides,
With Northerly winds forecast to bring in the first of this Autumn's cold weather later this week meaning from here in it's probably time to don the winter jackets and boots as well as under helmets buffs and eventually wind proof skull caps.  Last night was single layer shorts and chat time as the Velo Tuesday night ride headed up to Hanchurch woods via canal towpaths, across golf courses and through the fishing pools.  Early casualties were Jon Sparkes (Tyre issues) and a few non starters (who had early starts the next day) Before getting to Hanchurch though it was a quick push through Down Banks were Graham moved to Strava third (on a single speed !!) on the Knaim & No. climb and then through spooky woods  were Simon Williams got 4th on Clay canyon and Dave Johnson moved to 4th on Spooky Woods Wolf run.

By the time we hit road (and met Piley) on the Woods exit the hope 4‘s were on  and the pace picked up for the Tarmac run up to and past Poachers cottage, and a pleasant Spin through the Golf Course.

Charles who was riding his slightly over specked Orange Patriot really enjoyed the Fishing pool and The Rooty Climb climbs and would of course have smiled more if he hadn't got a few broken ribs. This was evident in that he only picked up one 2nd place on Strava and no KOM’s, well down on his normal five or six.

Dark was up, trails were lost and found and before we knew it were heading back down through Beech caves were Paul, on only his third ride, showed us he wasn't backing down from anything. And so back to Alternate M6 and spin back to the shop for bike loading and, in my and Graham's case, a quick check on tomorrows work.

And so to next Tuesday where I'm predicting more layers, more dark, possibly more wet, but definitely more smiles. 

The Velo Store ride every Saturday From 9.00 (road inclusive pace) Every Tuesday 18.00 Mountain (social but usually over 20 miles) last Sunday every month Cafe Run (60+ miles 17 MPH average) If you fancy trying one of our rides, all three are free - just turn up with a suitable bike and kit. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Back in the Press,

Cyclist Training Ltd back in the press, this time It was Mike Bolton in the Sandbach Chronicle.

Tuesday night ride Prep

Ive not been out for a while on the Velo Tuesday night ride . So tonight I have slowly been going round the house and shed gathering multi tools, gore jackets and inner tubes to shove in the hydro pac, ready for tomorrow nights ride. The Hope R4 are being charged as we speak and which loop to do is all ready forming in my head. The Weather boys and girls are telling us its cold after Tuesday so this may well be the "The last of The Summer Rides"  meaning that from here in we can all do a Nora Batty and get the tights on to keep the cold and wet out. tomorrow is 3/4 for me and hopefully still Gilet weather but I may throw on the Merino for the first time.....IF I can find It.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

jet black rollers now in stock at the velo store, we had great reviews on these last year, and currently the best price on the web.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

AM in store

8 o clock at the Velo Store  see us sending Sam on his way to deliver Scooterbility at St Marks Primary in Stoke On trent and Nick was taking bikes for the day 2 session of Bikeability Level 2 at Sandon Primary.

Simon and Tom have three new bikes going out this morning a Turner Burner 650b build, a 2014 Alfine hub  8 speed Genesis (this is actually Sam the instructior New Bike) and an Eddy Mercx EMX with full 105 group set.

All the invoices and reports are completed for Septembers councils along with Velo qtly Vat submitted (angst).

2 legal papers sent off and homemade soup re-heated, all before siittng down to a progress meeting with Stockport Council at 2.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well After many years trying to not get involved in the politics of Cycling Ive finally been persuaded (thanks Dave Dansky) to  put in my two penneth and step one was joining TABS (the Association of Bikeability Schemes). I wonder who will regret it first.

October the first Means two things.

1) I am another year older (41 this time)

2) It is cycle bylaw that Mudgaurds are fitted Or winter bikes are brought back in to service.

Mynes done and Ive also fitted a heavier touring Tyre and started to use the wet lubes on chains. Im pretty lousy at cleaning bikes so this year I sold my old winter bike and bought a Genesis Day one with 8 speed Alfine hub hopefully cutting worry of road salt wrecking rear mechs and 10 speed blocks.

Right Im off to find my gloves and 3/4 tights.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Meeting with CJ

A visit to Staffs County Council this morning with updates on figures for the current year delivery on Bikeability levels 1, 2 & 3. All the figures show us as being well on track to hit targets for numbers trained. We also had a brief discussion about establishing a Stafford and Stone Cycle forum. Watch this space .............

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

my new Tuesday commute

New bike, new commute. Ive recently been bought for Fathers day a new Commuter, I know Im lucky.

Its a Steels Geneses Day One with an 8 speed Alfine Hub. First impressions were uh-oh this is going to be hard work, but four rides in and Im loving it. Im even looking forward to winter when Im hoping it will really come in-to its own. Below is a picy and a new commute Im doing after school drop offs.

<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src=''></iframe>

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Commuter Confidence

Commuter Confidence Cycling Classes

We’ll give you the confidence to cycle anywhere, skills to commute to work whilst reducing travel expenses, be more environmentally friendly and enjoy riding with family and friends.  

Cyclist Training Ltd has been successfully supporting individuals, families, local authorities and private companies make the switch to cycling since 2008. Whether it's riding for the first time, planning a journey to school or commuting through city centre traffic our courses will enable anyone from 4 to 90 ride with more confidence for a healthier and better life!

Cyclist Training Ltd and Velo Management offer a range of programs to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in open group classes or by requesting bespoke 1:1 sessions.  National Standard Qualified Instructors will give you the personal confidence to ride your bike on the road in an urban built up environment, on designated cycle-ways and along quieter leisure routes. 

All the courses are informative, fun and interactive with an overriding emphasis on practical content.  National Standard Qualified Instructors use proven techniques to help keep you safe during your cycling career.

Learn To Ride – 2 hours
Instructors will help you get your balance and learn to control your bike – sessions will be in a traffic free space.  Master the basics in either a group or 1:1 format.  Cyclist Training Instructors can also arrange training for a family, a group of friends or at your workplace with your colleagues.

Cycle Skills – 2 hours
If you’ve recently rediscovered your enthusiasm for cycling and would appreciate some hints and tips on how to make safe on-road journeys we will help you refresh your skills and provide you with the confidence needed to tackle the harder parts of your journeys.
In a 1:1 format we can support you to also find a new route to work, or way to the shops or school.  Don’t forget you can request bespoke training with a friend or a group.

Commuter Confidence – 3 hours
This session will help you to hone your cycling skills to cycle with confidence on roads with more traffic or more complex road junctions/layouts.   We will discuss cyclist’s rights and responsibilities with you, review the Highway Code and advise what safety equipment to carry.  Instructors can also help you with local route planning as there may be alternatives that you wish to be advised upon.

How to Book
Check out the Events Diary for our next available session or for more information on bespoke bookings please email or call 01785 818055.  
To partake in cycle sessions your bike must be in a good condition with at least one functioning brake.  
Bikes can be hired for a small fee and must be reserved at time of booking.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dr Bike

Our fully qualified and professional Cycling Mechanics are great at keeping bikes safe and roadworthy. 
Booking our Velo Store Cycle Mechanics to check bikes is a great way to keep staff, students or any group of people cycling.
Book a mechanic to come to you school, group or your place of work.
Many people call this service Dr Bike but we offer more than just a simple bike health check. Alongside a full safety check we will do minor repairs, adjust your bike to suit you and offer a full prescription service including costs as well as advise you on how to look after your own bike. 
To book a experienced mechanic to come to your organisation or find out more about them, call 01785 818193 or email
What are the benefits?
Bike health checks and minor repairs are a great way of attracting people to any event. Getting bikes in good condition is a great way to get people cycling for leisure or commuting. It's amazing how many bikes sit in people’s shed that just need a quick tune-up to get them roadworthy again
As well as fixing up bikes our mechanics will explain how to set bikes up and offer practical advice on how to keep bikes maintained and working. It's amazing how many bikes on the road aren't properly maintained, which is why these services are so popular.
Our professional mechanic arrives at your workplace or event fully equipped, and effortlessly fixes as many bikes as they can in the time provided, making sure everyone goes home happier and safer.
Why trust us?
Additionally we run maintenance classes for groups showing them how to maintain and adjust their own bike. We run one the countries leading independent bike shops with fully equipped professional workshops and classrooms and have been delivering cycle classes  or  have  been running and maintenance courses for the last decade. We take the confusion out of bike maintenance making it simple even for the  uninitiated.
We use our many years of experience of teaching and delivary to make sure our courses are clear, educational and fun. Courses or Dr bike session's can be delivered across the West Midlands and the North West of England  You just give us a time and a location, and We will take care of the rest including sending you pre event publicity and promoting your event through social media,blogs and website.
Bikes can either be dropped off and left for the mechanic to work on or the mechanic can spend around 10 minutes with each client, adjusting their bike's brakes and gears to make sure their bike runs super smoothly.
In the course of the 'examination', Velo Mechanics  give every bike an effective safety check, our mechanic will, if necessary:
  • adjust and clean brakes and gears
  • replace brake cables and blocks
  • replace gear cables
  • clean and lubricate
  • check and inflate tyres
  • check headset and bottom bracket for play
  • replace missing bar and cable ends
  • advise on any further work that is needed

All spares listed above are included in the price. If further work is needed the mechanic will provide a written advise on the problem as well as a price estimate. They will also a take away and return drop off for anyone wishing to have the work carried out, in our workshops.
All clients also get tips on road safety from our fully qualified Bike ability instructors and sensibly ways to look after their bike to take away with them.
How much does it cost?
Hiring a professional  bike mechanic costs £75 per hour (plus VAT) with a minimum booking of three hours. If you want more than one mechanic, we offer a discounted rate for the second (or more) mechanic: £55 per hour (plus VAT).

CTL offers discounted rates for community groups and schools, please get in touch to discuss how we can help your community event.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Not "Sleeping in" for anyone

This morning see's  me doing a timing and risk assessment check on instructors at Ryecroft. Then I am paying cash in from Velo before  visiting the printers for logo checks. I will then get into work were no doubt the staff think I wish I had the boss's job and started at 10 !!

The instructors day starts with risk assessments of the proposed training area and then the instructors split up with paperwork being completed by one  while the rest start meet & greet with bike checks. The bike checks are started by the students as they arrive to see if they can recall their Air Brake &  Chaib check from level 1. A more thorough (m check is then completed by the instructors. All before school starts at 9.00. So there is no sleep ins for instructors and bosses alike.