Thursday, 26 June 2014

Parents fail kid's cycle MOT test - News - ActSmart

Working in the industry I find the article below interesting with a few headlines but lacks a little substance. And while the numbers are no doubt true it doesnt tell us any thing about the whys or wherefores

We deliver cycle training to over 20,000 children a year and in the Autumn term will be delivering over 50  Dr Bikes in Primary schools in Stoke on Trent alone, along side 26 learn to ride sessions.  They are always well attended and the children love the training but it needs a consitent approach from central goverment and local authorities with long term funding given to actual cycle bodies to fund grass routes comunity cycle projects in all areas not just areas of Depravtion.

And how about putting funding into things like Cannock Chase the busiest trail centre in Europe with the least amount of funds. Surley the health benefits of mountain biking deserve funding to be thrown at it to promtote more people to take up more activity, not just adverts and leafletst. Build more trail facilities and legalise the secret ones  & give a full accesss rights to mountain bikers as they do in Scotland instead of restricting them all time.

There are more people cycling but I feel if there more facilties coupled with DR Bikes Good bike shops and Bikeability there would be a hell of a lot more

Parents fail kid's cycle MOT test - News - ActSmart

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pit Stops Behiund the Scene Set up

A video from one pf our Five Pit Stops taling place across Stoke on Trent During Bike Week. The Bikes our Kona Cargo Bike which is used throught out the year on our Business and Education DR Dike Visits as Part of The Travel Smart Project.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A liitle bit of Bike week

SO after the break in, and during our external QA from the deparment of Transport a planning app from Stafford Borough Council (very helpful bunch, Not)  business has to carry on and if you want to know what else Simon, Tom, Peter and Graham get up to apart from hanging out in a Bike shop check out here and

to see our pedal power in Action in Newcastle town centra during Bike week.