Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Went for a walk today from our campsite ( Camping and Caravan club River Beamish site), and having packed our sandwiches, put dogs on lead we set off. Apart from lunch I'd packed a map, first aid kit, pen knife some cord, phone, and whistle,  we all had walking boots, water proofs and the girls had over trousers.  Oh yeah and some cash.

So we set off it was misty and a not warm but all was good our highest point of the day was less than a 1.5 miles away and was only 150 metres higher than were we were now.

Boy did I get it wrong, 50 metres up and everything was mist 10 mtrs vis at best, so I'd better be getting my nav right,. Should be to hard open moorland no visibility only gradient, brilliant. Cue rain and hail storm,. Girls put on over trousers me and Sarah get wet, very cold and very wet.

my jacket was cycling jacket, no hood and no hat, Sarah wad wearing. Jeans but had a hood I was in shorts. But the girls were good, apart from leaking boots.

Well my nav wentt well across the hills and back down, then I moved us closer to home via some nifty map reading.

Lessons always have a map know how to use it, well.

Have good kit, over trousers coats and rucksacks carry a storm shelter. Carry,hats gloves and use them.

We were lucky today, I can map read, but should of known better than to let weather catch us out. Won't happen again