Work Shop Servicing

Bronze Service 27.00

Bronze service 
•Brakes adjusted.
•Gears adjusted.
•Headset, bottom bracket, wheel bearings checked.
•Tyres inflated

Add a home care package :-  Chain oil, Spra, puncture inflate

Silver service 45.00 
•Drivetrain removed, de-greased, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated
•Headset checked.
•Bottom Bracket checked,adjusted if required.
•External adjustment of all bearings.
•Lubrication of chain, mechs & cables.
•Adjustment of brakes and gears.
•Wheels trued if required.

Add a home care package

Gold service 95.00
•Bike stripped down to the frame.
•Hubs greased, refitted & checked for movement.
•Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned, inspected.
•Headset removed, cleaned, inspected.
•All other fittings removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated replacing all cables and housings.
•Brake blocks / disc pads checked and replaced if required.
•Chain cleaned and lubricated, gears set up.

Add a home care Package

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