Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Carbon Virgin

Carbon Virgin !

So I have never ridden a carbon - I have had a Titanium, and the luxury of a Bespoke Reynolds 853 and 953.  But finally curiosity has got the better of me and I've taken the plunge and bought a carbon frame.  I have specced it up in Campag Chorus with fulcrum Racing Zeros and it comes in at a respectable 7.2 KG.  The informed will note that its not a top end carbon frame, but its a Derosa and they don't do "cheap frames" like many brands and it gets rave reviews. 

I wanted to see how it compared to my 953 which in the same spec weighed in at 7.6 KG.   I am told that it will be stiffer at the BB and in the right places - and we shall see.  

Part of my decision was purely form over function I am slightly ashamed to admit  - it looks super bling and I fancied a bit of flu yellow in the fleet! 

Either way I look forward to giving this a good test over the spring / summer with trips planned to the Liege, The Jura and hopefully a fleeting stop at the Alps to take on Galibier ! So I will let you know.  

But for now I think you will agree this is a good looking piece of kit ready to roll when the mercury finally rises and the gritters are put to bed - Allez!

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