Thursday, 15 January 2015

Run Velo, Run

Strava nuts may have noticed the occasional run popping up on our club section ( some with faster times than others, no names mentioned Im injured Ade cash, I never train Chaz, and I don't Im not really running this year Martin)and if it isn't a club member running faster further harder than me then its one of your wives.

and those that don't well to be fair you should.

It is with all this in mind and the fact that the just isn't anywhere local to buy decent running kit we've launched our in store running section.

And Just Like we've made sure we can offer you the best in the bike world with Whats Mountain bikes Trail Bike of the Year and Best Hardball for the past three years were starting by doing the same with our shoes by bringing the Editors choice Trail running shoe from Pearl Izumi with shoes for both men and women road and trail.

So start running round the block now so come post Feb you can join us on one of lunch time runs.

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